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Brian Pitkin

Brian Pitkin

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Corporate Finance
  • T: +1 703 625 2140
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    • 8251 Greensboro Drive
    • McLean, VA, 22102
    • United States
    • T: +1 571 405 3260

Brian Pitkin is a Senior Managing Director in the Telecom, Media and Technology (“TMT”) practice and is the Co-Leader of the TMT Dispute Advisory group. Mr. Pitkin’s expertise is in assisting general counsel, outside counsel and boards of directors evaluate a wide range of strategic priorities, prepare for settlement negotiations and understand the risks of litigation. He has more than 25 years of dispute resolution experience, serving law firms and general counsel with a wide range of legal services, including expert testimony and non-testifying expert advisory services.

Mr. Pitkin has testified in over 60 proceedings, including in U.S. federal court, arbitrations, the Federal Communications Commission and more than 25 states public utility commissions. In commercial litigation, he has focused on disputes relating to industry practices, cost-of-service and cost-based pricing in multi-product firms, as well as class certification under Federal Rule 23, contract terms and conditions, damages, fraud, interconnection and intercarrier compensation. In the regulatory arena, he has provided extensive expert testimony around the country on policy, modeling methodologies, compliance issues and financial analysis.

Mr. Pitkin has worked extensively in matters across the TMT industries, including integrated communications platforms, media content, distribution and transportation systems. Mr. Pitkin has evaluated transaction operations, costs and pricing across the TMT industries related to taxes, fees and charges in telecommunications, cable television and toll roads, including investigations by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Outside of litigation, Mr. Pitkin has worked on a variety of matters related to regulatory review of mergers, both pre- and post-closing. Mr. Pitkin continues to assist clients with their most complex and data intensive modeling efforts, managing a variety of due diligence, restructuring and integration projects that focus on operational and infrastructure synergy scenarios on behalf of companies and/or external investors.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Mr. Pitkin worked as a Management Consultant focused on acquisitions, strategic initiatives and intercarrier relations. In industry, he served as Senior Vice President of WorldNet Telecommunications, Inc., where he led the business analysis, product development, marketing, sales, finance and regulatory departments.

Mr. Pitkin holds a B.S. in finance and management information systems from the University of Virginia.

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