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Clive Holloway

Clive Holloway

  • Senior Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +852 3768 4717
  • F: +852 3012 9664
Connect with Me:
    • Level 35, Oxford House
    • Taikoo Place
    • 979 King's Road
    • Quarry Bay
    • China, Hong Kong
    • T: +852 3768 4500
    • F: +852 3012 9664

Clive Holloway is a Senior Director at FTI Consulting. He is a member the Construction Solutions practice and is based in Hong Kong.

Clive is an accomplished construction professional with over 35 years’ experience in planning, programming, scheduling, delay analysis, time related issues, etc. Having spent 15 years as a practitioner in the construction industry and over 20 years consulting on construction projects, Clive is adept in prospective and retrospective forensic analysis for delayed projects. In addition, he has a strong understanding of the methods/approaches available to determine extensions of time (“EOT”).

Having worked in many international locations, Clive has global exposure. His work has spanned across many sectors, including construction, building, civil engineer, infrastructure, transportation, rail, road, oil and gas, LNG, energy, etc.

Clive is a programme expert and forensic delay analyst, providing advice and/or opinion on matters of time and delay. He has considerable experience in the preparation of delay, disruption, EOT and other time-related claims and counter-claims, as well as in the defence/rebuttal of such claims. Clive has acted for claimants and/or defendants, producing numerous time-related reports — some less formal expert reports outlining the risks, strengths and weaknesses of claims for adjudication, mediation, negotiation, amicable settlement and some more formal expert witness reports for arbitration and litigation.

Clive has also been appointed as an expert witness on many occasions, and proficient in honing down on key issues to help resolve differences between claimants, prior to the hearing. He has a significant amount of experience in working with legal counsel and lawyers to prepare for cross-examination. This has included rigorously testing his analysis, reports and opinion; meeting with opposing experts in formal proceedings; and formulating joint statements. As such, he is fully aware of the role and obligations of an expert witness. He has, on many occasions, presented his analysis and opinions, as well as fielded questions in adjudications, mediations, negotiations, amicable settlements and other similar informal tribunal proceedings.

Clive has the ability to clearly identifying key issues; categorising the range of possibilities and likely outcomes; assessing the risks; establishing the best approach with regards to the analysis of delay and analysing all available options to define the most appropriate action. Clive is also proficient in producing simple illustrative presentations and preparing clear, thorough and uncomplicated factual reports and charts that focus on the issues and matters in dispute.

Clive’s experience of contracts, with respect to time-related issues and clauses spans across numerous projects and matters affected by delay events, rate of progress, delay notices, EOT, liquidated damages, compensation events, mitigation, acceleration, variations, impact of change, etc.

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