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Franck Risler

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Economic & Financial Consulting
  • T: +1 212 841 9348
  • F: +1 212 841 9350
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    • Three Times Square
    • 9th Floor
    • New York, NY, 10036
    • United States
    • T: +1 212 247 1010
    • F: +1 212 841 9350

Franck Risler is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in New York. Mr. Risler is a member of the Economic and Financial Consulting practice.

Mr. Risler has spent over 20 years innovating and driving development in the field of trading, investment and risk-management across asset-classes. He has a proven track record of building and managing successful risk-controlled investment businesses, leading and managing changes, participating to global management committees and developing cutting-edge infrastructure to support investment processes with a particular emphasis on innovation applied to risk-management methods, trading tools, structuring as well as analytics and technology.

Mr. Risler was the founder and CIO of Laplace, a derivatives-focused multi-asset alternative investment manager. He co-developed Laplace’s formal investment process which frontlines proprietary risk-management methodologies and innovative risk-focused investment strategies.

Prior to that, Mr. Risler held several critical and essential trading roles at CIBC, including but not limited to, Global Head of Interest-Rate Derivative Trading, Managing Director, Fixed-Income and Currencies Division, Head of Equity Derivatives Trading Europe and Asia (franchise and proprietary businesses), co-Global Head of Commodity Trading and Global Head of Equity Exotics Trading and Hybrid Trading. In all these roles, Mr. Risler demonstrated he was a very skillful manager of derivatives risks across asset-classes with a rare knowledge and understanding of the broad spectrum of risks (from vanilla to exotics derivatives).

As a head trader, Mr. Risler has proven over the years to be very responsible in risk-taking and has demonstrated expertise in risk-management, leading to consistent profitability and low volatility of revenue. A major focus for Mr. Risler was the control and design of all derivatives modelling and trading technology undertaken by the bank in every asset-class and location, leading to a unique merging of all pricing and risk-management onto a single firm-wide infrastructure. In particular, the cutting-edge trading system (xTrader) that Mr. Risler developed at CIBC became and still is the trading and risk-management system in place for all derivatives businesses for all asset-classes globally at the bank.

Mr. Risler has published several papers on applied numerical mathematics in leading international scientific journals (“Contemporary Mathematics”, “Numerical Algorithms”, “International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering”, etc.) and was awarded the Seymour Cray Prize of France in 1997 for his work in the field of Numerical Mathematics and High-Performance Computing. Mr. Risler is a regular speaker at leading investment and risk-management conferences worldwide.

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