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Gregory Attiyeh

Gregory M. Attiyeh, Ph.D.

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Corporate Finance
  • T: +1 415 283 4200
  • F: +1 415 293 4497
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    • 50 California Street
    • Suite 1900
    • San Francisco, CA, 94111
    • United States
    • T: +1 415 283 4200
    • F: +1 415 293 4496

Gregory M. Attiyeh, Ph.D. specializes in the areas of valuation, business due diligence, market analysis and auctions in the context of business strategy and improvement, litigation and transactions in the wireless and fixed line sectors, as well as business plan development, econometrics and game theory. Dr. Attiyeh has more than 10 years of experience.

Dr. Attiyeh’s telecom due diligence and restructuring experience includes creditor- and debtor-side engagements for numerous wireless local exchange providers, such as competitive local exchange carriers, incumbent local exchange carriers and long distance companies. He has worked on multiple due diligence and restructuring engagements for international cellular carriers in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Dr. Attiyeh’s litigation experience at FTI Consulting includes financial damages, valuation and market analysis for wireless, local, long distance and broadband internet providers.

Dr. Attiyeh also has worked extensively providing end-to-end spectrum auction support and related services for wireless carriers in the U.S. and internationally. His auction consulting services include bid strategy, software development, bid tracking, war room management, valuation and regulatory support.

Select examples of his engagements include: bidding strategy, auction support and valuation due diligence for wireless providers in 3G/4G and broadband auctions in India, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, Austria and currently in an incentive auction in the United States; valuation, bidding strategy and auction tracking support for a U.S. regional wireless carrier in the advanced wireless services auction and 700 MHz auction; bidding strategy and auction support for a wireless carrier in a Mexican personal communications service (“PCS”) auction, and a Canadian fixed wireless provider in an local multipoint distribution services auction; and valuation of a PCS spectrum held by a defaulting C-Block auction bidder in bankruptcy litigation and various spectrum valuations in the context of restructuring and litigation.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Dr. Attiyeh was a Senior Economist in the Telecom practice of the Law & Economics Consulting Group (“LECG”), providing regulatory and litigation support services, primarily to regional Bell companies. Prior to LECG, Dr. Attiyeh focused on demand forecasting and database marketing as a Senior Analyst at Bell Labs and the Consumer Long Distance division of AT&T.

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