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John Siedlecki

John Siedlecki

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Health Solutions
  • T: +1 615 324 8500
  • F: +1 615 324 8501
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    • 105 Westwood Place
    • Suite 250
    • Brentwood, TN, 37027
    • United States
    • T: +1 615 324 8500
    • F: +1 615 324 8501

John Siedlecki is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in Brentwood, TN. He is part of the Health Solutions segment. Mr. Siedlecki is an accomplished senior professional and entrepreneur who helped lead the growth of two national healthcare consulting practices, Cambio Health Solutions and FTI Consulting’s Health Solutions Segment. He has significant experience in Hospital and Health System operations improvement, turnarounds, strategic transactions as well as litigation support.

Mr. Siedlecki has personally executed services agreements with hundreds of clients during his career for whom financial improvements and value creation approaches $1 Bn. These gains were achieved through initiatives that improved patient volume and net revenue, efficiency, expense management, quality and cash flow. Many of John’s clients have enjoyed significant improvements in their credit rating.

During his thirty-three year career in healthcare and health sciences, Mr. Siedlecki’s experience nationally and internationally, has enabled him to develop countless relationships and build decades-long trust with healthcare executives, physicians, government officials, attorneys, investors and pharma executives. He has worked as an advisor to the boards of directors and/or CEOs of many not-for-profit healthcare systems.

Mr. Siedlecki was a founding partner, board member and senior leader of Cambio Health Solutions, which Mr. Siedlecki and his partners acquired from its parent company in 2003 and sold to FTI Consulting in 2005.

After completing his five-year commitment with FTI Consulting as a Senior Managing Director, Mr. Siedlecki founded Global Health Transformations, an early stage company whose integrated clinical and economic model focuses on driving, measuring and rewarding patient medication compliance through mobile technology, data aggregation and distribution to key patient care stakeholders, as well as alignment of incentives. Mr. Siedlecki and/or GHT have developed several patents and trademarks.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting in 2017, Mr. Siedlecki worked as a business development executive for MedeAnalytics, a healthcare big data analytics and performance management SaaS solutions company. He joined MedeAnalytics upon its acquisition of onFocus Healthcare where Mr. Siedlecki played a key role, as a senior advisor to its CEO.

Earlier in his career Mr. Siedlecki excelled in sales and marketing in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry segments. Mr. Siedlecki also led business development and worked in operations for a regional emergency medicine group practice that was acquired by a national contract management company at a premium valuation.

Mr. Siedlecki holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University.

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