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Supply Chain Management

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Continued pressure on reimbursement and payment methodologies require health care executives to focus on cost reduction more than ever. Non-labor/Supply spend is typically the second largest expense accounting for over 40% of total operating expense. Awareness and availability of information in non-labor/supply chain has promoted the demand for enhanced infrastructure, complex data management, and effective collaboration among the executives, supply chain leaders, clinicians and suppliers.

We believe that it is imperative to address critical areas to control Non-Labor/Supply related expenses with a specific focus towards harvesting Physician Preference Items (PPI), enhancing Supply Chain Infrastructure and targeting Purchased Services. Industry leaders must achieve new levels of supply chain integration to realize quality, cost and outcome objectives. A strong supply chain management program optimizes pricing, standardization and utilization of supplies and services.

The experienced FTI Consulting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can analyze your healthcare system’s Non-Labor expenses, clinical and purchased services spend, and complete market comparative analysis to enable the most savings and improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Our supply chain experts provide the following services:

  • Physician Preference Item (PPI) Management
  • Clinical Integration of Supply Chain
  • Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Process Optimization
  • GPO Strategy – Evaluation, Selection, And Optimization
  • Value Analysis Design and Implementation
  • New Product and Technology Management
  • Benchmarking
    • Physician Preference Items
    • Clinical Preference Items
    • Commodity Supplies
    • Service Contracts
    • Supply Chain Performance
  • Purchased Services Evaluation
    • Contract Management
    • Service Level Assessment
    • Service Delivery Model Assessment
    • Process Improvement
    • Request for Proposal Management
  • Total Cost of Ownership Appraisal
  • Procure to Pay Process Optimization
  • Procure to Pay Recovery Audit
  • Data Management Assessment
    • Price Parity Audit
    • Item Master Audit
    • Contract Data Management
    • ERP Optimization for Procure to Pay Process
  • Distribution and Logistics Management
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