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Insight - West Coast Series

Forensic & Litigation Consulting Newsletter

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

May 1, 2015

FTI Consulting is pleased to share the Forensic & Litigation consulting INSIGHT west coast series newsletter. Today, we confront a business environment in the western part of the United States that is increasingly complex and fast moving, and we hope the examples of actionable and thought-provoking insights will help equip you with the knowledge and resources to respond to the critical issues you face.

From this first edition of the newsletter, we also hope you will get a sense of the combined global breadth and local depth of FTI Consulting’s practical expertise and innovative technologies and solutions. The newsletter consists of the following articles: SEC Investigation: Accounting for Sales, Litigation Support & Expert Testimony, Securities Litigation, Patent Tutorial, SEC Investigation, Technology Delivers, Innovative Construction Solutions, SEC Inquiry, Business Interruption Expertise, Patent Infringement Expertise, Environmental Expertise, Forensic Expertise, Risk Management & Emergency Preparedness and Investigating Theft; as well as articles featuring our products FTI COMPLY, Ringtail and FTI Consulting's Expert App.

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