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India Disclosure Index 2016

How India’s Leading Listed Companies Fare on Mandatory & Voluntary Disclosure

Strategic Communications

June 23, 2016

FTI Consulting has launched its India Disclosure Index, a report that tracks mandatory and voluntary disclosure practices amongst India’s leading publicly-listed corporations.

The India Disclosure Index 2016 is the second edition of the India Disclosure Index series. Recognising that raising disclosure standards is an ongoing process that requires a shift in strategic thinking at board levels, for a second year FTI Consulting reviewed publicly available information disclosed by leading publicly-listed companies in India to ascertain current practice and identify trends in disclosure. We hope, through this report, to provide meaningful insights to board members and senior management teams of India Inc. for benchmarking financial communications practices and disclosure policies. We think this is timely given increasing regulatory activism and institutional investor demand for higher levels of voluntary disclosure from emerging market companies.

India Disclosure Index 2016 - Infographic
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