Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Our Forensic & Litigation Consulting experts are recognised for assisting clients through business-critical events. Our clients include major law firms, companies ranging from owner-managed enterprises to ASX-listed companies and global organisations, government bodies and regulators.

Our core forensic practices are: Dispute Advisory, Valuation Advisory, and Risk and Investigations. We analyse data and financial information for the purpose of providing valuation opinions, conducting investigations to understand suspected or alleged misconduct, and quantifying loss and damage in disputes. Our analysis is used in both contentious and non-contentious matters. In contentious matters, we testify as expert witnesses or act as non-testifying consulting experts in support of litigation and regulatory proceedings. In non-contentious matters, our analysis is used in financial and tax reporting, transactions, and internal risk assessments or investigations.

Our Trial & Arbitration Support services provide persuasive presentations, technology, graphics, and a wide variety of custom tools.

In addition, our Construction Solutions practice provides dedicated services to the construction industry. We provide project advisory, construction claims analysis and expert witness services for some of the world’s most complex, high-profile projects within a variety of sectors including infrastructure, real estate, mining, oil & gas, utilities and renewables.

Our experts are recognised as leaders in their fields. They advise on high-profile matters including complex Australian and multi-jurisdictional cases that draw on our local and global expertise.

Dispute Advisory

Our Dispute Advisory team acts for Australia’s best lawyers and their clients, who are involved in all types of disputes ranging from common breach of contract disputes to the most complex, high-stakes and high-profile litigation involving ASX100 companies.

We provide legal teams with independent and rigorous financial analysis to help win their cases, acting as both consulting and testifying experts for plaintiffs and defendants. Our work stands up to the highest level of scrutiny as we are often called to give expert witness testimony and be cross-examined in Courts and Tribunals.

Our clients value our ability to explain complex financial concepts to non-financial clients, including lawyers, judges and regulators.

Risk & Investigations

Our Risk & Investigations team is dedicated to helping organisations respond to allegations involving the propriety of accounting and financial reporting, fraud, regulatory scrutiny and anti-corruption inquiries. We address a variety of accounting and compliance issues; analyse and reconstruct corporate books, records, and electronic information; and participate in fact-finding interviews. We use advanced data analytics techniques to analyse complex data sets.

We also use our experience in investigating allegations to proactively assist companies to minimise their risk of these issues occurring in the future.

Valuation Advisory

Valuations are needed throughout the business cycle – from regulatory compliance and major transactions to dispute resolution. Our Valuations team helps clients identify and understand the value of different assets across a range of contexts, providing opinions on the value of businesses, shares, debt, financial instruments and intangible assets.

We deliver independent and reliable valuation advice that complies with the relevant Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) regulations, tax authority guidance, financial reporting and valuation standards, and is attuned to the broader commercial context.

Trial & Arbitration Support

Our Trial & Arbitration Support team hosts and supports the live streaming and recording of remote proceedings. Our Australia-based practice services remote trials, hearings, arbitrations and more across Asia Pacific, supported by our leading global Trial & Arbitration Support team.

We also assist with evidence presentation in both in-person and remote hearings, creating persuasive interactive graphics to explain complex concepts to judges and juries, and deploying technology and document management support over the course of a proceeding.

We integrate seamlessly with the legal team, providing complete support from preparation through to post-hearing briefs.

Construction, Projects & Assets

Our Construction, Projects & Assets team provides dedicated services to the construction industry, helping clients prevent, manage and resolve issues and disputes. We provide project advice, construction claims analysis and expert witness services for some of the world’s most complex, high-profile projects within a variety of sectors, including infrastructure, real estate, mining, oil and gas, utilities and renewables.

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