We get to work on the most complex and challenging events our clients face. At FTI Consulting, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact, be it in litigation or a dispute, helping a client through a major restructure or business transformation, or assisting with an investigation to uncover fraud or serious misconduct.

You will benefit from continuous learning and individual skills development, both on the job and in the classroom.

How to Apply 

Helping you realise your potential and feeling fulfilled in your work is the best way to ensure success — for you, for our clients and for the company.

When you start, you will have a buddy and coach to ensure a smooth transition to working life. They will welcome you and introduce you to the team. Your buddy is someone who has completed the graduate program recently. They will help you settle in, find your way around the office and answer any questions. Your coach manages your performance and ongoing development, and ensures you are challenged and gain experience across a range of engagements.

On commencement, you will be enrolled in the Graduate Development Program.

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We’re looking for future experts with impact.

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Graduate Development Program

Our program kicks off in February each year.

Our learning curriculum is designed to meet your needs at every stage of your career and consists of on-the-job learning, soft skills training and technical training. We also provide support to obtain your work-related professional qualification such as your CA, CPA or CFA, if this is relevant to your new role.


New-joiner induction

In February, we kick off with a national new-joiner induction. During these sessions, you will meet with our leaders and each other, and receive the information you need to navigate the firm and its teams.


Soft skills development

As a consultant, you will need a range of soft skills to work effectively with each other and with clients. This training will be provided nationally by our in-house talent development team or external trainers.


Technical training

Each team has its own technical skillset to develop. Regardless of which team you join, you will have access to online courses from universities across the globe. In the Corporate Finance & Restructuring and Forensic & Litigation Consulting segments, our technical training group will ensure you gain the technical skills you need in your first year and beyond.


On-the-job learning

FTI Consulting will help grow your career by providing you with the opportunity to work in small client teams. You will learn fast by working on engagements with senior managers and clients, in a position that ensures that you have a voice. You will build a broad skillset through your exposure to different engagements in various industries.


Professional qualification

We highly encourage our employees to continue their professional development through job-related qualifications. We provide financial assistance with membership, courses and associated fees. We also facilitate generously paid study leave. If there is a course you are interested in, simply raise it with your coach!

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