Digital Forensics

Organisations are currently facing the challenge of managing an ever-increasing volume of digital data in various forms. When responding to allegations and conducting investigations, it is important for management to act quickly to preserve and collect key digital artefacts. Whether it’s an internal investigation or a large global incident that may result in litigation, this crucial step can make the difference when responding to potential data breaches, employee misconduct, fraud or financial crime.

Our digital forensic experts are experienced in rapidly assessing data populations, determining data source types, analysing individuals’ actions and preserving evidence. We provide timely reports on case intelligence, helping organisations to quickly implement appropriate actions and devise preventative policies for the future.

How We Help

With speed, efficiency and discretion, our experienced digital forensics and collection professionals provide a strategic, systematic and economic approach to analysing, collecting and investigating the full spectrum of modern data sources.

Using state-of-the-art forensic technology and methodologies, we find and collect evidence in a forensically sound and defensible manner, with the chain of custody intact, and with minimal disruption to daily business operations. We are experienced in providing expert testimony and courtroom materials that clearly explain the evidence and methodology.

Our forensic experts have years of experience in handling all types of data, including from networks, mobile devices, social media and cloud-based platforms, and emerging data types such as instant messaging and collaborative data sources. Along with our forensic accounting specialists, our team includes damages experts, and a trial and arbitration support team. In addition, we are known for our multilingual experts and extensive experience in managing global matters, including adherence to foreign data privacy laws and in-country cultural awareness.

Our team can deploy anywhere in the world or work remotely to conduct operations with minimal disruption to your employees and operations.

Key Services:

  • Intellectual property theft and trade secret misappropriation
  • Electronic discovery and litigation support
  • Mobile forensic capture and analysis including: Social media, SIM and chat, and cloud-based data handling
  • Software licensing, audit and piracy investigations
  • Fraud and financial investigations
  • Search orders (Anton Pillar)
  • Expert Testimony (provision of expert reports and testimony in court)
  • Forensic data preservation for Insolvency and Restructuring services

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