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Forensic & Litigation Consulting
We are an internationally recognised leader in independent investigation services to the business, government and legal communities, helping at every stage of an investigation. Our multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts and computer forensic experts work collaboratively to reveal the truths underlying corporate fraud, whistleblowing, employee negligence, white-collar crime, anti-money laundering, asset concealment and bribery & corruption.

Strategic Communications
Our Strategic Communications practice designs and executes effective multi-stakeholder communications strategies for clients facing reputational, financial or regulatory challenges. In times of rapid transformation, we also help them manage cultural and organizational change and foster leadership excellence. We serve as trusted advisors to boards of directors and management teams at companies of all sizes and at every stage of growth. Our teams help them navigate through moments of transition while delivering a consistent and credible narrative to all external and internal stakeholder audiences.

Economic & Financial Consulting
Our Economic & Financial Consulting practice provides clear answers to questions involving finance, economics, valuation, accountancy and industry practice. We offer independent and reliable opinions on the value of business, shares, financial instruments and intangible assets across the full range of contexts in which valuation analysis is required. We give efficient and effective support to clients, courts and arbiters to resolve disputes in litigation, arbitration, expert determination or mediation. We also help clients to use economic and financial analysis, econometrics and network modelling to analyse complex issues of pricing, valuation and risk management in regulated industries.

Digital investigations
Today, triggers for digital investigations are diverse. No matter whether law enforcement agencies demand information from companies or managers, law firms are commissioned to conduct insolvency proceedings, or companies want to avoid risks in the area of competition violations during a company takeover, it is always FTI Consulting getting to the bottom of the information requirements. As a partner of the world's leading eDiscovery and digital forensics providers, we maintain a global team of digital investigation experts for our clients with a broad range of skills in IT applications, databases, enterprise architecture and encryption technologies.

We serve law firms, boards of directors, IT leaders and financial investors, as well as investigative agencies and government agencies and regulators, under our own banner but also in established partnerships with law firms, consultants and IT companies.

Business Transformation
Our Business Transformation practice delivers holistic and seamless solutions across the value chain —driving revenue growth, reducing operating and supply chain costs, and transforming finance, IT and business processes. Our expertise in global trade & excise enables us to provide a range of services, including landed cost modelling, trade analyses, tariff classification, valuations, rules of origin, duty saving mechanisms, dispute resolution, business process reviews and analyses, development of risk and control frameworks and policy guidance.

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