Our Switzerland team offers leading advisory services in digital forensics, e-discovery and investigations, and information governance, privacy and security. Working with clients from every industry and sector, we apply an expert-led, intelligence-driven approach to the most complex technological challenges.

With decades of combined experience, our team in Switzerland leverages its expertise in legal and regulatory matters to support companies in resolving data-related business challenges. Our clients rely on us to root out fraud, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce spending, protect sensitive materials, quickly find facts and create business value. As data grows and becomes more complex, we can support your organisation better govern, secure, find, analyse and rapidly make sense of the information.

Innovative technology, expert services and tenacious problem-solving methodology provide our clients with defensible and repeatable solutions.

Microsoft 365 Information Governance Interactive Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to provide a high-level summary of possible information governance risk areas that your company may be facing.

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