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Power & Utilities

Power and utility clients involved in the production, distribution, transmission, retailing and trading of electric power face a range of strategic, financial, reputational, customer, regulatory and legal challenges. Some clients do not have the specialized internal resources to meet these challenges head on, which is where FTI Consulting provides support. Our Energy professionals have extensive experience addressing changes in the structure of the power industry, conflicting regulatory frameworks, and pervasive contractual disputes and litigation. In addition, we provide strategic communications services across all disciplines to build, preserve and protect enterprise value.

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Interpret and evaluate whether to apply some of the latest UK regulatory changes from Ofgem’s RIIO approach… More


Navigate through myriad options to achieve better distribution reliability, resilience and remain competitive… More

Retail, Smart Technologies & Energy Services

Confront changes in the structure of the power industry, pervasive contractual disputes and litigation… More

Wholesale Markets

Design and deliver new market frameworks to wholesale markets across many EU member states… More

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