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Spectrum Auction Services

The FTI Consulting Auction Services Practice is a leading global provider of wireless spectrum auction advisory and related services, including auction design and execution, online auction management software, bid tracking and auction simulation software, bid strategy and gaming, war room management, competition analysis, valuation and business model development.

We help auction participants achieve their objectives, whether maximizing revenue, minimizing costs, improving coverage or creating market competition. Additionally, we help bidders understand the intricacies and implications of auction design and rules, using game theory to develop sound bidding strategies that promote successful outcomes.

Our team includes world leading academics and experts with diverse backgrounds including mathematics, computer science, economics, engineering and public policy who support all aspects of the auction and act as independent experts providing testimony and expert witness support in matters of auction design and competitive procurement.

How We Help

Auction Design & Management

We provide a complete suite of auctioneer services to government and business clients, offering full circle solutions as well as a la carte services to fill specific client needs. Key services include:

  • Evaluations and recommendations of alternative auction designs and formats to best achieve goals and objectives, including Simultaneous Multiple Round (SMR), Clock, Combinatorial Clock (CCA), and others
  • Planning and implementation of all the steps, stages and tasks to guide an agency’s spectrum allocation events
  • Detailed, written auction rules
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Bidding Strategy and War Room Support

For a bidder, an efficient bidding strategy is the central element of a successful outcome. Our auction practice is built around providing world leading auction and game theory experts who have developed and executed bidding strategies that consistently achieved superior auction outcomes relative to goals and the competition. In addition, we collaborate with an extensive network of academics pioneering in the fields of auction and game theory. We provide:

  • Support in the Consultation Process
    • The bidder’s early involvement in auction design and the rule making process is key to achieving successful outcomes. We help our clients understand the proposed auction design and support them during the regulator consultation process. Understanding the strategic implications that one design or another can have on their business.
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Dr. David Salant
Advisor to FTI Consulting

Dr. David Salant is an advisor to FTI Consulting and is a leading expert on auctions and game theory. He has more than 20 years of experience in advising firms on bid strategy and regulators. His primary areas of concentration are auction strategy, auction design, regulation of network industries, (notably telecom and energy), and competition policy.

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