Our Technology team advises on solving data-related business challenges, with international expertise in legal and regulatory matters. As data grows in size and complexity, we help organisations to better govern, secure, find, analyse and rapidly make sense of information.

We advise our clients on how to manage data risk by assessing an organisation’s data landscape and offer solutions that reduce corporate risk, secure data, improve the e-discovery process, and enable faster and deeper insight into data.

As an e-discovery pioneer, we apply advanced analytical and artificial intelligence tools to help clients identify, collect, analyse and review electronic documents and data to locate the key evidence.

This includes providing digital forensics services, among others, to uncover data breaches, intellectual property theft and trade secret misappropriation. As a member of our Technology team, you will work with corporations, governments and law firms to meet these demands by leveraging your skills to enable our clients to confidently manage their data in the context of compliance and risk. The key services we offer in Australia are data privacy and information governance, e-discovery and digital forensics.

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