Due Diligence and Corporate Intelligence

Whether your potential business partner is a government entity, listed company, private firm or entrepreneur, it’s crucial to consider beforehand, the associated reputational, legal and compliance risks when assessing the value of any investment. This can involve investigating the potential partner’s reputation, history, business acumen and market influence.

In Australia, we are uniquely positioned to support you. Working with you as one unified FTI Consulting team, we are widely recognised for our senior experts’ hands-on involvement for helping our clients. With our multidisciplinary approach, we bring a strategic business perspective and depth of understanding across investigations, research methodologies and sources, forensic accounting, data analytics and digital forensics.

How We Help

Our investigative due diligence and business intelligence services are designed to assist you across the business cycle. Our team has experience in identifying potential risks and red flags, minimising uncertainty and providing you with intelligence that you can use to make informed business decisions before you invest. Our investigations identify areas of the transaction that may need further risk mitigation. Ultimately, these services look to add value to your organisation by allowing you to properly price transactions based on the identified risks.

When considering the acquisition of a new business, we can help you perform regulatory due diligence on the target company’s compliance programs and controls. We are well equipped to become involved at any point in the acquisition timeline – pre-deal, during the transaction, or post-deal when business operations are being integrated. In situations involving regulatory responses or investigations, we support clients at any stage – from data analysis to designing, testing and implementing compliance programs.

Key Services:

  • Developing risk profiles for new markets
  • Advising on compliance and risk strategies
  • Pre-transactional and reputational due diligence
  • Identifying ultimate and beneficial ownership
  • Obtaining intelligence to support negotiation and litigation strategy
  • Verifying claims made by counterparties
  • Identifying assets and ownership structures
  • Asset tracing
  • Anti-bribery and ethical compliance
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Identifying issues of corruption, fraud, improper vendor relationships or business ethics and labour issues
  • Modern slavery supply chain reviews.

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