Forensic Investigations

Organisations engage FTI Consulting to gain independent support to help them address allegations of accounting improprieties, conflicts of interest, misappropriation of assets, and circumvention of controls and regulations. Our team of seasoned forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts, statisticians and business intelligence experts sift through complex, incomplete and often disparate data. They apply proven investigative and forensic accounting methods to support legal teams and act as independent investigators.

How We help

At FTI Consulting, our team is widely recognised as forensic accounting experts. We are highly adept at identifying and untangling webs of interdependencies that link people, corporate entities, monetary amounts, business partners and outsiders to the critical events under analysis. Independent in our approach, we provide industry-specific expertise on investigations, compliance programs, internal controls and technical accounting issues.

We assist in resolving issues and conducting forensic accounting investigations and compliance remediation projects quickly, efficiently and impartially. Whether the allegations relate to accounting irregularities, employee misconduct, bribery, fraud or other corporate improprieties, our professionals have extensive experience in conducting investigations, and are widely considered as among the industry’s top practitioners. Our team includes former Big 4 forensic and audit partners, along with police officers, law enforcement officials and regulators from key regulatory and investigative agencies around the world. Our experts are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) in Australia and/or are licensed to conduct independent investigations in relevant Australian states.

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