Staying Ahead of the Game: The Role of Proactive Compliance in Fostering Healthy Competition

April 26, 2023 – In this article, FTI Consulting experts outline a proactive compliance program that organizations can adopt to curb anti-competitive behavior.

Mining, Strategic Communications

Helping to Eliminate Child Labour From Global Supply Chains

December 1, 2022 – The Responsible Mica is a global coalition committed to establishing a sustainable mica supply chain in India. It aims to eliminate unacceptable working.

Environmental, Forensic & Litigation Consulting

ESG in India: It’s Time to Take Notice

October 26, 2022 – Commitment to change and sustainability is imperative for any organisation to evolve into a future-proof business. It is key to embed ESG frameworks.

Environmental, Energy, Power & Products (EPP), Strategic Communications

India’s Energy Transition Towards A Green Hydrogen Economy

June 9, 2021 – India is motivated towards stronger energy transition actions beyond its current climate change initiatives, and aggressive renewable energy.

Economic Consulting, Energy, Power & Products (EPP)

How and Why to Value Coal-Based Power Plants in 2020

September 8, 2020 – Coal-based generation remains an integral part of the Indian energy landscape with inherent risks in valuing assets and effects of government regulations.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Retail & Consumer Products

Silver Linings for E-Commerce

August 28, 2020 – E-commerce and digital payment systems look towards new economies of scale in the pandemic hit economy as well as in the post-pandemic economy.

Technology, Information Technology

A Review of India’s Contact-Tracing App, Aarogya Setu

August 25, 2020 – The authors examines Aarogya Setu, India’s contact-tracing app even as it continues to generate a lot of debate around data privacy and security.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Financial Services

Name Screening in Financial Institutions

August 6, 2020 – With increasing complexities in global business operations, the threat of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing continues to grow significantly.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Insurance

The COVID-19 Aftermath: Risk & Compliance Priorities Among Insurers

July 24, 2020 – FTI Consulting surveyed select risk and compliance professionals in the insurance sector to understand how COVID-19 has impacted their priorities.

Economic Consulting

Ordinary Times in Extraordinary Circumstances

June 18, 2020 – Following the outbreak and the lockdown measures by the Government of India in March 2020, all industries have been impacted, albeit to varying degrees.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Forensic Due Diligence: Another Tick in the Box?

June 2, 2020 – By easing Foreign Investment norms the Indian Government has encouraged investments and encouraged growth to keep India a lucrative investment destination.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

India’s Whistle Blower Mechanism: Growing Louder by the Day

May 14, 2020 – The Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India released CARO 2020, placing more responsibilities on the statutory auditors regarding whistle blower complaints.

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

How Can You Prevent Fraud in The COVID-19 Era?

May 11, 2020 – With the onset of a new normal for most businesses due to the spread of COVID-19, fraudsters have found new ways to continue their business.

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