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Dispute Advisory Services

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FTI Consulting is an expertise-led, independent, global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. Our Dispute Advisory Services (DAS) practice is built around authoritative, experienced, and independent functional and industry experts, 150 accountants, economists and industry specialists, These experts understand the hands-on application of traditional and emerging economic, financial, valuation and accountancy, data analyses and analytical methodologies. They cut through complex situations to provide clarity and communicate concepts, opinions, and conclusions in a simple, understandable, and persuasive manner. Also, our experts who, individually are recognized for the depth of their knowledge, work as a team to resolve the many interconnected issues our clients face in complex business disputes. We are a leading provider of dispute advisory services to the global business and legal communities, offering comprehensive economics, finance, valuation and accountancy services designed to protect and enhance value for all stakeholders.

Our Service Offerings

Securities, Accounting & Regulatory Enforcement

Economic damages related analyses for securities, antitrust, consumer fraud and other class actions.… More

Valuation, Solvency & Acquisition Disputes

Asset and business, valuation, pre/post-acquisition disputes, ability to pay, fraudulent conveyance, and solvency.… More

International Arbitration

Valuation, damages qualifications, experienced in arbitration process and deep industry expertise.… More

Intellectual Property

Patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, trademark and copyright infringement, and false advertising. … More

Commercial Disputes

Economic damages related to contract, distributor, joint venture and franchise disputes, and lender liability. … More

Financial Products

Mutual/hedge fund disputes, derivatives, mortgage-backed securities, high frequency trading, subprime lending.… More

Labor & Employment

Claims related to discrimination, wrongful termination, executive compensation, and trade secret theft.… More

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Key Contacts

Vincent A. Thomas

Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader of Dispute Advisory Services

Eric Poer

Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader of Dispute Advisory Services

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