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Visual Communications Group & Trial Technology Group

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The FTI Consulting Trial Services practice turns facts and ideas into presentations that drive decisions. Working as a seamless part of your trial team, our Visual Communications Group develops persuasive visuals to support your trial themes, while the Trial Technology Group prepares your evidence, meeting all of your technology needs – both for in-person and virtual proceedings. Our experienced professionals stay with you from the planning stage to the end of trial, handling every aspect of your visual presentation, including concept development and design, technology, and in-court or online presentation. Whether you need an innovative visual to dissuade government action or support for a full-blown trial, our Trial Services Practice provides service, quality, and value.

FTI Consulting Trial Services professionals provide a wide range of technical and creative services that can be critical to successful dispute resolution. Years of experience have taught us how to integrate seamlessly with your team and help attorneys communicate more persuasively. Our Trial Services practice includes a significant number of senior professionals with more than 15 years experience and several with more than 25 years. That experience is one of our greatest advantages.

Our Specialty Service

Remote Proceedings

FTI provides a “remote system in a box” option that is malware & virus-free, secure, and easy to set up. Using FTI Consulting’s TrialMax Cloud®, your trial team can have an online portal to review, collaborate and generate reports from video depositions and manage your trial exhibits in one central location.

Our Service Offerings

Visual Communications Group

The FTI Consulting Visual Communications Group does more than execute your instructions. We know what you need to communicate and we create visual presentations that help your words to be clear and memorable. Whether the challenge is teaching advanced technology for a patent litigation, clarifying the events in a breach of contract suit, or simplifying complex finances for a securities matter, the Visual Communications Group has the experience and expertise to create presentations that make your message clear and your argument powerful.

Our creative team knows how to communicate your positions using illustrations, infographics, animations, or interactives, and to deliver that work in the form best suited to your needs.

  • Live Presentations
    When presenting at trial, hearing, or mediation, it's important for you to have easy control over your visuals, so that you're free to tailor your presentation to audience response and handle changes in a live situation. Almost anything we create can be inserted into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation – including video, interactive navigation, and even 3D animations.
  • Delivered Presentations
    For situations where your presentations need to be viewable on their own, we can provide graphics, video, 3D animation, and interactives in a file, a web page, or an app. We'll design the graphics, build the interface, and program the entire presentation to run smoothly and reliably.
  • Print Presentations
    Regardless of how you plan to deliver your presentation, there's almost always good reason to make a printed version. That means planning your presentation or deliverable to be sure it also works in print. Litigation graphics can be delivered to you on paper, as a PDF, as images on MS Word pages for inclusion in a larger document, or any other format that suits your particular needs.
  • Regulatory Responses
    Not every legal battle is in the courtroom. The stakes can be equally high when government agencies threaten to take action – whether it's the FTC, FDA, EPA, SEC, or any other federal and state agency or regulator.

Our presentations do more than make your data clear. We shape the information into a presentation designed to influence how regulators see the facts. We put data in context and deliver it in a form that amplifies your arguments and makes them easier to consider and more persuasive.

Critical and complex information can be presented to regulatory agencies live or provided for independent review: on the web, on an iPad, or as a file on their computers. Regardless of how the graphics are delivered, our presentations consistently garner the appreciation of regulators for making the arguments clear and the review easy.

Trial Technology Group

The FTI Consulting Trial Technology Group delivers your presentation in any situation. Whether you face a hearing, arbitration, or trial, our professionals help you present your story at every step.

When it comes to onsite support, our experience enables us to anticipate your needs and the challenges in order to make your onsite experience worry-free from beginning to end. Of course, experience is not enough without committed service. Our onsite presenters know how to do the hard work needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the courtroom – whether that means staying up all night to make deposition clips or crawling around on the floor to check the wiring in the courtroom.

By analyzing the details of your litigation, we’ll organize your data for optimal efficiency, choose the most appropriate equipment to access it, and design the most effective workflow. Our Trial Technology Group will digitize your documents and video and manage your data so that you always know everything is ready, even if things take an unexpected turn.

The TrialMax® Advantage
FTI Consulting Trial Services consultants have been using technology in the courtroom for more than 15 years to help clients tell their stories with clarity and impact. Our proprietary trial presentation solution, TrialMax®, was developed based upon the experience and input of our trial technology consultants working with many of the top litigators in the country, gleaned from thousands of trials, arbitrations and hearings. Read more about TrialMax®.

Remote Proceedings
In today’s uncertain environment, our clients need the ability to conduct virtual proceedings and interviews securely and with a minimum of effort. FTI Consulting offers a complete “remote system in a box” system that uses secure laptops and multiple screens to simulate actual interviews and real-time proceedings in courtroom environments. Read more about remote proceedings and FTI’s TrialMax Cloud®.

Trial Logistics
The Trial Services team helps clients manage on-site logistics for optimal trial team efficiency. We provide services such as evaluating hotel and war room locations and identifying and negotiating with vendors for ancillary services such as printing, transportation and catering.

  • Preparation of Document Exhibit Database
  • Complete Video Services
  • War Room Staffing & Courtroom Presentation
  • Courtroom Floor Plans
  • War Room & Courtroom Systems and Equipment
  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity
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