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Analytical and Technical Services

FTI Consulting’s team of technical and Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals provides customized analytical and technical services supporting a variety of client needs, including dispute resolution and litigation. Our team has worked on hundreds of environmental data analysis cases where we have helped clients resolve complex matters involving liability, nexus evaluation, pathway analysis, regulatory compliance, and contaminant-specific issues. Such analyses often involve examining how site-specific data supports regulatory requirements to conduct remediation.

FTI Consulting’s GIS professionals design mapping solutions and perform detailed geospatial analysis to inform our clients’ critical decision-making. Our geospatial services include interactive web-based mapping systems that are designed to allow users access to spatially referenced information such as historical aerial photography, ownership boundaries, sampling data results, discharge outfalls, and other project-specific layers in an organized and user-friendly format.

Our technical and GIS professionals work seamlessly with FTI Consulting’s forensic historians and accounting, data management, and data science professionals to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to project implementation.

We are leaders in “Historical Sewer Reconstruction,” a modeling process used to establish or mitigate liability at high-stakes Superfund sites. Using geospatial analyses and big data, we have developed a unique approach that allows our team of FTI engineers, known as sewerologists, to reconstruct complex combined (storm and sanitary) sewer pathways. For more than a decade, we have reverse engineered historical pathways dating back to the 1800s, connecting tens of thousands of sewer assets to answer one key question: did my waste end up in the river or at the treatment plant? Our applied reverse engineering is fully documented so that it can be entirely reproduced, and most importantly, it is presented in easy-to-understand diagrams, readable by counsel and their clients.

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