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Environmental Cost Analysis

FTI Consulting’s Environmental Solutions practice provides a comprehensive suite of expert services to assist our clients in examining environmental response costs. FTI Consulting’s multidisciplinary team of technical/engineering, financial/accounting, forensic history, and legal professionals, has worked with individual parties and groups of potentially responsible parties (PRPs) to develop and evaluate costs associated with dozens of environmental and tort matters. This work often includes preparing, presenting, and reviewing claims for recovery under Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (“CERCLA,” commonly known as “Superfund”) or other regulatory authorities, as well as evaluating whether cost expenditures and remedial response actions were performed consistent with the National Contingency Plan (NCP) or state regulations.

Our professionals also develop cost allocation models for both individual parties and diverse PRP groups and work with groups to facilitate and execute the allocation. FTI Consulting’s team has also conducted environmental cost analyses in the context of insurance recovery, liability transfers, and bankruptcy proceedings where future cost estimation is required in order to settle these claims.

FTI Consulting’s environmental cost analysis professionals are fully integrated with FTI Consulting’s technical, historical, geospatial, data management, and data science professionals to provide FTI Consulting’s clients with a comprehensive approach to project implementation.

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