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Merger Integration and Direct Sourcing for a Professional Beauty Supplies Company

JD Beauty

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Retail & Consumer Products

April 26, 2019

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JD Beauty Group (“JDB”) is a leading marketer and product development company of professional hair brushes, appliances and care (shampoos and conditioners) with an estimated revenue of $80 million. As part of its strategy to become a multi-category supplier, JDB initially acquired Novatech, a maker of electrical hair appliances, and subsequently acquired Ouidad, a maker of haircare products specific to curly hair. As part of the acquisition process, JD Beauty estimated that it could leverage its own platform to profitably support additional business and to provide a single point of contact for its customers and suppliers. In addition to the synergies from integration, a review of the cost of goods quickly identified an additional opportunity of 15-20% in direct product savings.

FTI Consulting's Role: Lead Two Integrations and Conduct a Sourcing Market Test

A team of FTI Consulting's Retail and Consumer Products professionals worked with JDB to lead the Novatech merger integration process across a variety of functional areas, including finance, HR, IT, sales, operations, professional development, marketing and facilities. FTI Consulting facilitated the newly created Integration Management Office and coordinated with functional leads' day-to-day activities, including management support, communication between functional teams with the Executive Steering Committee, and risk management mitigation. In addition, FTI Consulting reviewed the current warehousing as well as CRM processes to streamline and ensure a seamless transition.

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