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Retail Performance Improvement

Retail executives are seeking fundamental changes that need to happen in order to evolve and revolutionize the business. FTI Consulting is heavily involved in the issues and challenges facing retailers today — driving growth, managing expenses and enhancing return on investment — in an environment where the accelerating pace of change truly is the only constant. We believe this environment will exist for the foreseeable future, and, most likely, we’re still in the early stages of the new era of retailing. The FTI Consulting Retail Performance Improvement service ranges in offerings from performance improvement through successful execution of strategic alternatives.

At FTI Consulting, our retail performance improvement projects have three key objectives:

  • Create Demand — Help clients find ways to increase customer traffic and convert their footsteps (or clicks) into a profitable transaction with the end goal of increasing revenues:
    • Product Life Cycle integration and Transformation
    • Merchandising & Planning Analytics and Improvement
    • Customer Insights
    • Effectiveness of Traffic and Conversion Investments
    • Pricing and Promotion Optimization
  • Optimize Cost to Serve — Work closely with clients to uncover ways to increase margin from go-to-market strategies or negotiations around trade funds or where to reduce expenses:
    • Supply Chain and Network Optimization
    • Store Operations
    • Cost Alignment
      • G&A Expense
      • People and Organization
  • Manage ROI — Balance strategic priorities and deliver enterprise value through strong business and financial planning. A fully articulated business plan aligns initiatives and resources with financial performance, all with an underlining focus to bring upon cash flow. Key capabilities include:
    • Strategic Planning and Transformation
    • Strategic Alternatives Exploration and Execution
    • Financial Planning
    • Working Capital Management
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