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Operational Risk Management

Operational resilience is a focus of every retail, distribution and consumer products company management, board, and C-suite, in today’s risk-driven environment. Companies are aligning risk management strategies with their efforts to prevent and mitigate operational disruptions, prepare for their inevitability, respond effectively and recover more quickly. The FTI Consulting Operational Risk Management practice is a trusted third-party expert, helping organizations assess their risks and vulnerabilities, put plans in place to better manage through disruptions and recover faster, and prepare senior management for its role in crisis communications, media management and governance oversight.

We field teams of seasoned master-level experts in business continuity planning, information technology, disaster recovery planning, comprehensive cybersecurity program development and all-hazards emergency/crisis management planning. Our professionals understand the strategic implications of operational risk in the retail and consumer products sector and advise clients on executing standards-based plans at the tactical level, where risk resides. We have worked with retailers in gaming, e-commerce, candy/confections, gifts, toys, flowers, distilled spirits, office products, fashion, grocery, apparel, medical products, and big box stores.

FTI Consulting provides a unique 360° perspective to comprehensive cybersecurity programs that include independent risk and vulnerability assessments, cyber insurance policy review for alignment with a company’s risk profile, a mitigation execution plan, and the development and exercising of a Cyber Incident Response Plan.

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