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Consumer Products

Fluctuations in global economic conditions will continue to exert unpredictable changes on consumer products companies. These companies — which manufacture and market everything from food and beverages to toiletries, cosmetics, and small appliances — engage FTI Consulting to help them enhance performance across a broad range of initiatives. They rely on our seasoned experts’ advisory and support to grow revenues, control costs, better manage cash flow, explore strategic alternatives, mitigate risk, and navigate through an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

How We Help

Operational Risk Management

In today’s risk-driven environment, operational resilience is a focus of every retail, distribution and consumer products company management, board and C-suite. Companies are aligning risk management strategies with their efforts to prevent and mitigate operational disruptions, to prepare for their inevitability, and to respond effectively and recover more quickly from them. Clients continually partner with us as a trusted third-party expert to help them assess their risks and vulnerabilities, put plans in place to better manage through disruptions and recover faster, and prepare senior management for its role in crisis communications, media management and governance oversight.

Our global teams are seasoned master-level experts in business continuity planning, information technology disaster recovery planning, comprehensive cybersecurity program development, and all-hazards emergency and crisis management planning. We understand the strategic implications of operational risk in the retail and consumer products sector and advise clients on executing standards-based plans at the tactical level, where risk resides. We have worked with companies in gaming, e-commerce, candy and confections, gifts, toys, flowers, distilled spirits, office products, fashion, grocery, apparel, and medical products.

Performance Improvement

Executives are exploring fundamental changes that need to occur in order to evolve and revolutionize the consumer products business. The senior practitioners at FTI Consulting are deeply involved in the issues and challenges facing companies today — driving growth, managing expenses and enhancing return on investment — in an environment where the accelerating pace of change truly is the only constant. Knowing that this environment will exist for the foreseeable future, we help our clients develop strategies to drive growth, manage expenses, increase revenues, improve operations, and manage ROI.

Turnaround & Restructuring

For decades, companies, private equity firms, secured and unsecured creditors, and other stakeholders have relied on our firm’s guidance and complete suite of services to achieve successful turnarounds and restructurings. We are the market leader in consumer products restructuring, having advised many high-profile clients facing complex situations worldwide. We represent in out-of-court and in-court restructurings and turnarounds, often managing disposition of unprofitable locations and mitigation of associated liabilities, as well as serving as expert witnesses, managing data requests from creditors, and reconciling claims.

When a client determines that filing for Chapter 11 is the best course of action, we move decisively to evaluate various restructuring alternatives, maximize value, and meet the tight time frames required under bankruptcy law. Also, we lead discussions with major constituents, including capital providers, to build consensus and ensure enough liquidity to execute the plan. Additionally, we frequently assist in developing both external and internal communications programs.

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