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Fast Track By FTI Consulting™

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In today’s rapidly changing world of tweets, sound bites, social media updates and breaking news, it is clear that our culture craves “quick and to the point.” FTI Consulting knows, as well, that time is valuable and that your company needs answers now.

Our Approach to Realizing Value

Fast Track by FTI Consulting™ methodology starts with Creating Demand, the lifeblood of any retailer, flowing into Optimizing Cost to Serve and culminating with Managing ROI — hence providing your company with a unique offering that will accelerate the transformational forces within your organization to achieve superior levels of performance.

The retail value equation is at the heart of Fast Track by FTI Consulting™. During the first six to eight weeks, our focus is on identifying levers in the retail value equation that can be influenced quickly and will fund the journey for longer term strategic moves and investments.

Our collaborative approach starts with understanding whether plan and budget expectations are being met. Once the baseline is set, the team focuses on understanding the possibilities, estimating the “win” and considering how best to proceed. The result is a committed management team that has a full understanding of the opportunities, a roadmap to realize the quick wins and a fully integrated plan to improve profitability over the longer term.

Fast Track™ is geared to cover a broad spectrum of considerations across an entire organization or can be customized to focus on one functional area in as few as three to four weeks.

Our highly disciplined approach is anchored by an analytical framework to identify financial benefits, yet is flexible enough to adjust to changes as the process exposes new opportunities.

After the assessment phase, we are prepared to support the organization by launching a set of quick wins yielded from Fast Track™ that build momentum, while assisting with the execution of the integrated profit improvement roadmap, working side-by-side with senior management.

Our senior, experienced team has a hands-on approach and collaborative style. Our global footprint ensures access to the right resources from around the globe. Our solutions are ‘implementable’ and geared to drive and have an immediate and sustainable impact.

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