While Australian retailers have been adapting to a changing landscape for some time, the enormous disruption of COVID-19 has been the final trigger that many retailers will struggle to recover from. Successful retailers have adapted to a new normal and are moving towards an operating model that is insulated from shocks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We help retailers find and retain value across four areas: product, operations, financial strength and event support. We work with retailers to help them bridge the capability gap, address unforeseen events and realise value from their strategic initiatives.

FTI Consulting, we are home to world-class economists, business transformation and restructuring advisors, valuation experts, forensic accountants and communications specialists, who can support your broader needs. Drawing on this wealth of expertise, our specialists also assist retailers with commercial negotiations and valuations, managing disputes, communicating effectively with stakeholders and navigating complex regulatory requirements.

Retail & Consumer Products Advisory – Brochure

FTI Consulting Australia's retail and consumer products advisory experts support retailers in adapting, innovating and optimising value.

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