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Public Sector Solutions

FTI Consulting helps governments address diverse operational and financial challenges across a broad spectrum of departments and organizations. We have advised numerous public sector agencies throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico with strategies that enhance revenues, identify and execute cost saving measures, and strategically maximize value. Drawing upon our expertise across multiple disciplines, we partner with our clients to provide tailored solutions that strengthen financial and operational performance, improve decision making, and increase accountability and transparency.

Our Industry Sectors

Financial & Performance Improvement Services

FTI Consulting offers our public sector clients a comprehensive suite of consulting and implementation services… More

Risk Management & Forensic Consulting Services

The FTI Consulting Risk Management & Forensic Consulting practice provides a range of services to the public sector… More

Economic & Public Policy Services

FTI Consulting provides government agencies with sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic matters… More

Technology & Data Analytics Services

Our professionals can work as an extension of our client’s team to develop immediate e-discovery solutions… More

Strategic Communications Services

We help our clients leverage their communications assets to protect, enhance, develop and defend their reputation and enterprise value… More

FTI Capital Advisors, LLC conducts municipal advisory activities dba Public Sector Solutions. FTI Capital Advisors, LLC is an SEC and MSRB registered municipal advisor and conducts its public advisory activities under the PSS name. FTI Capital Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of FTI Consulting, Inc.

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