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To ensure compliance with international, federal, state and local tax rules and regulations, the tax advisory experts at FTI Consulting offer seasoned support to public and private REITs, private equity funds, real estate operating companies, developers and investors. The firm assists in all transactions, including acquisitions, refinancing, debt and equity restructurings, and sales and other dispositions, providing best practice tax structuring, compliance and due diligence services.

Our Industry Services

Tax Structuring & Compliance

Clients will need to navigate the evolving complexities of tax laws and regulations of the… More

State & Local Tax

FTI Consulting works with real estate clients seeking to offset the burden of new taxes… More

Cost Segregation

Clients can achieve significant tax savings and increased cash flow by reclassifying and… More

Tax Strategy & Planning Related to Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring

The restructuring of distressed companies requires specialized tax consideration… More

Private Client Advisory

Families that create or inherit substantial wealth face the challenge of managing its impact… More

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