ESG & Sustainability

In the face of global disruption, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, and the actions organizations are taking to address these issues, have never been more important. The demand for companies to operate with greater transparency and social purpose has led to increased scrutiny from a host of stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, media, and policymakers.

Stakeholders expect companies to play an increasingly active role in ensuring transformative, long-term sustainability goals are met. As such, companies must now look beyond regulatory compliance to anticipate policy and stakeholder expectations and ultimately help shape the future. This increased scrutiny has pushed ESG priorities to the forefront for companies and boards as they address investor demands for growth that embrace these issues. While the shift to sustainability presents both risks and opportunities, the transition to such an agenda requires a strategic, multi-stakeholder approach.

Regardless of a company’s unique business challenges or existing ESG and sustainability programs, our research-based offering helps organizations worldwide develop and execute a realistic, strategic roadmap to achieve their ESG goals. FTI Consulting's offering reflects our expertise across public affairs, investor relations, shareholder activism and corporate communications. We see how ESG and sustainability public policies shape business strategy and know how to align corporate priorities with communications initiatives. Our approach relies on the belief that companies should focus on developing a strategic framework that integrates ESG with business strategy for the long-term benefit of shareholders and stakeholders. Improved ESG ratings matter, but are an outcome of our work, not the focus. FTI Consulting protects shareholder value by designing and delivering integrated sustainability strategies that improve performance, manage risk, and enhance market position.

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