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Contract Intelligence

Our contract intelligence service provides a cost-effective solution for a key component of contract lifecycle management, offering organizations a centralized, organized method to review and analyze their global contract universe. Corporations and firms using the Contract Intelligence service can better find, understand and act upon contracts to meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk and recognize greater business value.

Example scenarios in which Contract Intelligence enables and enhances business operations include:

  • Conducting pre-merger contract diligence;
  • Identifying post-merger business opportunities and synergies;
  • Aligning contract terms with emerging regulations in the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance industries;
  • Highlighting trends across contract obligations and risks;
  • Identifying and analyzing leasing agreements for compliance with new accounting standards.

The average Fortune 1000 company actively manages tens of thousands of contracts at any one time. These dense, complex and often-changing documents touch every aspect of a business, impacting clients, employees and shareholders. Offering a unique combination of leading-edge analytics technology, advanced workflow, and attorneys experienced in reviewing contracts, the Contract Intelligence service supports contract lifecycle management by providing transparency in contracts through digestible and actionable data. Learn more about Contract Intelligence at

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